Saturday, 15 May 2010

Yellow Submarine Minute Sequence

Yellow Submarine is one of my favourite animated films. Heinz Edelmann's art direction is so imaginative, with characters and imagery that at times are completely bonkers. One of many inspiring sequences from the film is this typographic countdown of sixty seconds that accompanies the song 'When I'm Sixty-Four'. Illustrative type meets the psychedelic era!

If you've not seen Yellow Submarine, it's essential viewing. Sadly, Disney have announced a CGI 3D remake of the film, to be directed by Robert Zemeckis and released in 2012.

For more information, check out IMDB


  1. I agree completely. It's one of our kids' favorite movies and I never tire of watching it. Always something new to see in there!

    I'm pretty bummed to hear about the remake. That's just so wrong...

  2. I'm sick of the increasing trend of remakes, especially when the original film is a classic

  3. The remake has been canned for now... Dodged the bullet on that one